The goal of this project is to automate submission of people's personal blood glucose log data to Stanford Childrens Hospital's "GluVue" analysis tool.

Submissions from most data sources are now working (at least, for US users). Found a bug? Your glucose tracking app not listed? Email the author.

GluVue sumission tool

Select a data source from the menu bar at the top. More sources are being added as I receive sample data files.

Please note- this is a home project created to Stanford Children's Health's "GluVue" analysis tool. No warranties are expressed or implied. No data is stored on this server. The data export file may contain personally identifiable health information. It is the user's responsibility to remove PII prior to uploading the export file. If PII is not redacted from the file prior to upload, PII is filtered by this application prior to any data being sent to GluVue. The author is not in any way affiliated with Stanford Childrens. This site is not endorsed/autorized by Stanford. Questions/Comments? email the author.

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